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Sometimes my mom lets me paint rocks to take and hide. I always rehide the rocks I find so other kids have a chance to find them too. If I had the chance to be the new directors of the parks, I would pay the park workers more money and buy them better equipment. They work so hard and make everything look so nice for us. The Granite City Park District has many fun things.

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One of my favorite things is the slide at Wilson Park Pool. I like to play in the mushroom water fountains at the pool. I also enjoy the flowers at the park. There are pretty to look at.

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I think the new director at the Park District should put a splash pad in Wilson Park. Since I was a little kid, about the age of 4, I remember playing at Wilson Park. I loved the slides and the swings and running around with my friends. The park pool would have to be my favorite park activity. If I were the director of the park, I would change the wood chips into rudder grounds.

I would make sure the trash was picked up more often. I have so many great memories of being with my family and friends at these places. Even though I have a pool of my own, I make my mom take me to the park pool because it is the most amazingly fun place I have ever been to with my friends.

If I became the new director at the park, I would definitely add art classes for kids of all ages.

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We need a place where kids of all ages and backgrounds can go to express their artistic abilities. I would also add a garden club for all ages. People could learn how to plant flowers and grow them and would also be assisting the park workers who work so hard to make our park beautiful. Lastly, I would build a sand volleyball court in the park.

Sand volleyball is one of the most fun activities you could ever play.

This new sport in our park would bring many new visitors. Volleyball teams could be established and many kids would have a fun-filled summer playing sand volleyball. As you can see, Wilson Park is already fabulous! With a few of my new ideas, Wilson Park could be even more fabulous for the future children of Granite City!

The Granite City Park District is the best around. The park district has so many things to offer for both the young and old. I personally love playing baseball at their park. A great way to cool on those days is by visiting the concession stands, my next favorite thing about our park district. The concession stand has the coldest soda in town and some of the best nachos around. Finally, the best thing our park district offers are the fireworks on the 4th of July. People come from all over to witness our great fireworks display.

If I were to become the new director of the park, I would start a kickball league. I think playing kickball would be the next best thing to keep our park district great. From fireworks to concessions, to baseball and kickball, the Granite City Park District is the best. I had a graduation picnic there for kindergarten. The triangle slide is very fun! When I was 4, we tried to climb up, but I would always slide down before I was halfway up.

Then, we would get a snack from Farm Fresh right next to it. The swings are fun, too. I also like the monkey bars and the other slides. My mom loved the photos!

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I also like the pool because the water slide is so fun. I love going there with my family, and it is a great place to make new friends. A splash pad would also be fun! A summer camp for kids with disabilities and another summer camp for kids without them would be a great idea. I also would do a study buddy program to help kids improve their grades.

This would make the whole community better and not just the parks. More children can benefit and families can have more fun! My name is Cameron and I have lived in Granite City my entire life. The park district has helped make living in Granite City fun. Luckily, I have always lived by one of the parks.

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Then my mom and dad moved us by Wilson Park. My mom told me when we lived by Worthen Park, she would push me in a stroller to a playground and that is where I was first pushed in a baby swing. Now, I live by Wilson Park. There are so many things to do at this park.

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This past weekend, my mom, dad, a friend and I played tennis and then soccer volleyball at the tennis courts. It was so much fun! For the past two years, I have also taken tennis lessons at the park and want to again this year. I also had a kickball game at the baseball diamonds last year for my birthday. I have also watched my brothers play hockey at the ice rink and have gone swimming at the pool each year with Cub Scouts.

Last year, I attended the Warrior Golf Camp put on by the high school team. Thanks to the Granite City Park District, there have been many fun things for kids like me to do. If I were the new director of the parks, I think I would add a rock climbing wall because I love to climb rock walls. Next, I would create a kickball league so all of my friends from school and I could play kickball on a real team.

Lastly, I would want to have a food pantry at the park, like we do at my church. This way, we could help the hungry and the poor more.

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Vote for me! Cameron Lignoul for director of the parks! First of all, I have played three years of softball at the Park District. I have enjoyed hot summer days on the ball diamond playing and having fun with my teammates. We have made a lot of fun memories. Also, this winter I played my first year of basketball through the Park District.

I had a blast making new friends and trying a new sport. Lastly, I have made some great memories with friends and family at the Park District ice rink.

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My older cousin even had her birthday party there in January. Ice skating is a lot of fun, even when you fall down. If I became director of the Park District, I would first start by building a soccer program. I have enjoyed playing soccer since I was three years old. It is competitive, fast and fun. I would also start a recycle program to help keep our environment safe and clean. The Granite City Park District has lots of fun activities for everyone to do. I am proud of our Granite City Park District. There are many different activities and events that I have enjoyed over the years.

My family loves our beautiful parks.

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There are many opportunities to play different sports and do exciting, educational activities. Out of all the activities you can do at the parks my family loves taking pictures. Wilson Park has been around for many years. My parents and cousins had their prom and homecoming pictures taken by the flower garden and fountain. I have a picture of my mom and dad on their wedding day by the colorful trees.

My favorite family photo is the four of us dressed up after church in the snow. It was a memorable day.