Euthanasia is wrong essay

A physician uses his skills for the good of many members of the society. If active euthanasia is going to compromise his psychological well-being, the physician will not be able to effectively serve the members of the society. From a utilitarian approach, active euthanasia is therefore not moral.

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Aiding, abetting or assisting in the death of a person through active euthanasia is a crime in most countries and this law applies also for physicians who are handling dying patients who are suffering and asking for help in dying. Snelling states that most Western nations treat active euthanasia as murder and medical professionals accused of this are dealt with by the justice system Active euthanasia is therefore morally wrong since it would be contrary to the laws of the land.

Advocates of active euthanasia claim that the practice is beneficial to all the parties involved. The suffering patient is put out of their misery and allowed to have a dignified death.

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From a consequentialist approach, active euthanasia is therefore morally justified since it seems to benefit all the players involved. This argument assumes that it is possible to identify the cases where killing the patient will produce more overall good than refusing to kill them. This is not the case and killing a patient might have negative impacts on all parties involved.

Proponents of active euthanasia assert that it should be allowed since voluntary passive euthanasia for terminally ill adults is acceptable and both forms of euthanasia and it is impossible to morally distinguish between the two. Dixon declares that active and passive euthanasia both achieve the same objectives and the two are indistinguishable since they face the same objections 4. It is therefore not justified to allow one while the other is rejected just because the physician is the one who administers the lethal injection. These proponents of active euthanasia point out that in passive euthanasia, the physician provides the patient with information on how to commit suicide and even prepares the lethal solution for the patient.

Reviewing the issue using deontological ethics demonstrates that the two forms of euthanasia are morally different. Deontological ethics place weight on the rules and one of the rules in the medical profession is that killing is wrong. This approach differentiates between active euthanasia and passive euthanasia since one entails killing while the other is letting die.

From this approach, the two actions are not morally at part and passive euthanasia is morally acceptable while active euthanasia is not. The moral nature of active and passive euthanasia is therefore not equivalent. Proponents of active euthanasia claim that it is at times the most human thing to do. Most of the patients who request for assisted suicide are terminally ill and in severe pain.

In such a case, the human thing to do would be to assist the patient end their pain through euthanasia. While this is a valid point, using it as a justification for active euthanasia will be harmful to the society in the long term. Clark declares that if euthanasia becomes an ethically acceptable alternative for terminally ill patients who are in great pain, then research into pain control and terminal care will no longer be deemed necessary and people will not look for better alternatives to killing the terminally ill This paper set out to argue that active euthanasia is morally wrong and should therefore not be practiced by medical professionals.

The paper has argued against the consequentialist approach that supports active euthanasia due to the alleged benefits that this act has on the society. The paper has highlighted some of the arguments given in favor of mercy killing and presented counterarguments to the same. From the discussions provided in this paper, it is clear that active euthanasia cannot be justified from a moral perspective. The practice should therefore never be allowed in our country.

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Why Euthanasia is Wrong

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Why Active Euthanasia is Morally Wrong Essay

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Arguments against euthanasia

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