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Let's see if we can help you! Globalization has also led to integration of military power and political alliances.

Costs and benefits of globalisation

This has led to the development of a common international legal framework that seeks to protect human rights and promote peace throughout the world. Through globalization, crime importation has become possible and cooperation of law agencies all over the world has enabled the improvement of international crime fighting efforts. Globalization also led to the formation of the international criminal court that has enabled political and human rights criminals to be tried fairly and justly, which would otherwise be impossible in their home countries.

Globalization has also led to military cooperation aimed at fighting impunity, promoting democracy and elimination of terrorism threats. This is one of the major advantages of globalization as countries that were once oppressed and in turmoil can now receive help from the international community.

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However, critics of globalization argue that it has led to the erosion of national borders and infringement of national sovereignty. They have argued that national politics and issues that are only of national concern have been infringed upon by the international community with some countries trying to control how another country is governed or how it carries out its activities, a situation that has been dubbed neocolonialism. However, the formation of global administrative laws and other international relations law has ensured that the individual sovereignty of a country is preserved regardless of the situation.

International cooperation has also enabled countries to receive help when in need such as the case of Haiti early this year. Cases of genocide, civil wars and oppression can now be avoided or mitigated mainly due to international cooperation brought about by globalization. During the Rwanda genocide, the international community chose not to take action and the country was almost destroyed. It was only after the international community intervened that the situation was brought under control.

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It can thus be seen that politically, globalization has brought more good than harm. Infusion of cultures has also been one of the major impacts of globalization.


Multiculturalism has spread to virtually all corners of the world with people enjoying better access to foreign cultures, beliefs and traditions. Some critics argue that foreign cultures have led to the extinction of local cultures. However, it can be argued that multiculturalism has enabled better understanding between people from different regions of the world thus promoting peace.

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  • Foreign cultures are also usually secondary to local culture and although dilution of cultures may result, people gain a better understanding of the world and are more tolerant towards each other. Globalization has also resulted in the increase of tourism and international travel.

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    Tourism not only improves the economy of the local population but it also helps the country to educate others about its people and its resources. Through globalization, people now have better access to education from foreign countries. Although this may lead to brain drain, those who return to their home countries bring new ideas and skills that can be used to solve problems faced by the country and improve the overall economy of the country. Social sites such as FaceBook have enabled people from different regions of the world to befriend each other and communicate in real time.

    Globalization is a term that is used to describe the modern world. Almost every aspect of human life is in one way or another affected by globalization. Various debates have been help about the actual and potential impacts of globalization. Although it has several disadvantages, globalization has brought many advantages. Economically, the development of the free market has been by far the most important advantage brought about by globalization.

    It has negated the tyranny of distance, as people can see each other and interact without being physically together.

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    Computerization and its accompanying globalization have had some surprising effects on local workforces. It is the production and middle-skilled, white collar workers that are impacted most. Their roles increasingly are being made obsolete by the advances in technology and computerization. This computerization of these tasks has also enabled them to be sent offshore, where the labor costs are cheaper. The more personal cost of computerization and globalization is that anything published online becomes a permanent record.

    Therefore, acts of foolishness when using social media or other portals is unable to be erased and forgotten. The computerization of the world has enabled international business to prosper and increase, through the introduction of portable communication devices and the Internet, which have revolutionized the manner and speed in which people are able to communicate globally.

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    Businesses are able to have up-to-date progress reports and communicate and manage their workforce with greater efficiency. It has also been a catalyst in bringing to our attention the plight of many communities ravaged by war or natural disasters. This knowledge has brought action by the international community to assist those more vulnerable communities in the world. Ethics have not kept pace with the computerization and globalization of the world. There still remain issues of jurisdiction concerning information published on the Internet. Another disadvantage is that countries and their economies have become too interdependent on one another. One will drag the others down with it.