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Specification Course materials Course structure Teaching support. Course structure. Our specification has been structured to give you maximum flexibility. The Single Award is two units.

Computer Science Fundamentals (all ages)

The Double Award is four units, two of which are the same as the Single award. The Double Award has the same exam paper and controlled assessment task, and then a second exam paper and a second controlled assessment task. Unit title and summary Assessment Time allocated Weighting Unit 1: Living in a Digital World In this unit, students explore how digital technology affects the lives of individuals, organisations and society.

The GCSE includes scope to use a multitude of different applications and creativity to successfully produce the required outcomes.

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An earlier comment stated that Computer Science and ICT compliment each other, I have seen many students study both and enjoyed the experience. The outcome of this will only see a shortfall of unskilled individuals that may understand some code but cannot budget finances, produce documentation or manipulate data.

Yet again a political disaster for education. November 11, at pm. You are confusing the knowledge of how to use the tools with the ability of being able to use them creatively and effectively. Bugeting finances existed long before spreadsheets existed, and knowing how to set up and use a spreadsheet does not teach you budgeting.

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However, Business studies might. Knowing how to use a web design application does not lead to well designed pages — but learning about Graphic Design should do. Good web pages are designed by designers who can use the tools, not ICT people who can use the tools. Trawl the web, you will see what I mean.

November 22, at am. Maybe it is not much, but that is my experience in teaching. During these eight years, I have seen that knowledge of how to use a tool is nothing when it comes to the skill of how to apply that knowledge to a certain scenario in a creative way. I have to agree with Tom, that learning some MS Office applications and Dreamweaver, or even a programming language, does not make you a specialist in the field, it does not make you a software developer or a web developer. Solving problems using IT tools is more important a skill than some knowledge about a tool.

I always tell my students that from the first year in primary school till the day that finish a degree course they learn two things: — How to learn.

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They should be able to master on their own whatever is thrown at them at work. I want to teach advertisers how to use HTML5 to implement their ideas about an advert. I want to teach a creative designer how to use IT tools to their benefit. I want to teach programming to a software developer who has ideas about a system or a game and knows the algorithm of the system or the game. That is why I try to teach them concepts and logical steps.

The ecaxt techniocal knowledge of configuring comething or the syntax of a language can be forgotten after some time, but the concepts and the logiucal steps will remain with them and they can research them self to regain that knowledge. Everything is on the Internet.

You only have to have the skills to find it. So Tom, I am with you in this debate. November 8, at am. We teach high level skills using proprietary and open source software including HTML and web design, graphic design , how to use advanced spreadsheet and database tools, research skills, E- safety along with all the other Social, Moral, Spiritual and cultural issues surrounding the use of ICT. Yes I agree the ICT needs to be reinforced across the curriculum and this is again something that is promoted at my school but let us not assume that all teachers regardless of subject are ICT specialists.

Therefore who will teach these young people the high end ICT skills that will be needed for both university and work.

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This is an extremely short sighted decision by the government and one which I very much fear they will eventually come to regret and we will have the all too familiar U turn. By the way I also teach computer science and love it so this is by no means a rant by a disgruntled ICT teacher.

This however give me the right to an opinion that both subjects are completely different and should therefore be retained. Instead of scrapping ICT why not consult with teachers like myself about how ICT could be made more rigorous — I would be more than willing to take part in such a consultation. Interestingly some state that ICT should be taught across all subjects and not just as a discrete stand alone subject. Where would they find the time to teach the basics of spreadsheets in Maths amongst all the other skills they are expected to cover? Same for Business Studies.

I firmly believe that there should be computer Science and ICT as two different subjects and separate qualifications. The analogy of not everyone wants to design and build a car but most people want to learn to drive springs to mind.

Financial Services Level 2 Award In Fundamentals (Qcf) Cisi

This is true of ICT And computer Science — not everyone wants to design and create computer programs but everyone needs to know how to housekeep and stay safe on a PC [as well as having a general Digital Literacy]. I have taught both subjects for over 20 years. The numbers taking Computing is still very small compared to ICT. The number of female students taking A level Computing across the is a couple of hundred or fewer.

There will be Computing or vocational courses.


ICT straddles between the creative side of multi-media and the technical side of Computing. Education is far too precious to stand back and allow it to be seriously damaged by half-baked political decisions. Whilst I am no expert, I seriously wonder if this decision is something that could and should be challenged by judicial review, possibly on the grounds that:. January 26, at pm.

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November 14, at am. The awarding bodies had 10 months to refine the proposals and ensure the content was sufficiently distinguished between IT and computer science. These proposals were rejected.

haredpersrigce.gq November 14, at pm. November 15, at pm. This just shows how little government ministers understand ICT and computing. An absolute disgrace!