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Girls remained at home and learned crafts and poetry from their mothers; they often marry at age At age 18 men go to the army for two years and then they get back home to work. Women, however, stayed at home to raise and take care of children. These 2 civilizations were based in 3 ways of government monarchy, oligarchy and democracy. The monarchy is based in a government ruled by a king or a queen.

On the other hand, oligarchy was based in a government that was ruled by a small group of citizens that make decisions. However, the democracy is a system in which the citizens vote to make governmental decisions. The disadvantages of the democracy are that anyone may be a candidate, also that some citizens were not decided and that the people may not agree so there may be fight. However these types of government have advantages like the monarchy, the king may control everything so he could make the right choices.

In the oligarchy the group of citizens may make good laws that help the civilization. Finally the democracy was the best because the citizens may choose the government.

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As the Spartans the Athenians have a strong military, the two civilizations have a majority in land soldiers rather than sailors. As Athenians the Spartans had a good education but the Athenians were more interested on it, the two civilizations made that the children start education at the age of 7. As the Spartans the Athenians had different way of government but their government was good, they used 3 ways of government: monarchy, oligarchy and democracy.

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As they had similarities they also had differences. The military of Sparta was huge and the best of all but the Athens military was a simple but strong military, the young boy started to train at the age of 7 but the Athenians went to the army at the age of 18, the Spartans kept on the army up until 60 years old but the Athenians just started to work when they get back from army. In the government The Athenians were the ones who started the democracy, it was called limited democracy that means that not everybody could vote only the ones with citizenship and the important people, and the one who started the democracy was Draco when he took the power.

However the Spartans had a way to govern that they had an assembly named the council of elders, the made up the laws and the ones that choose instead of the people. The Athens had a good education and many subjects to study on, the women also study but they need to be at home and learning about crafts and poetry from their mothers and they marry at age The roles that Spartans men had in the civilization was very hard, when they are born the healthy kids were raised by the mothers but the unhealthy kids were taken to a cave so they die.

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When they had 7 years old they were trained and by physical education, they training were made up of punishments and hard training. When they get to age of 18 they serve the army for their whole life, when the women was born they were not so important as the men so they were raised, at the age of 7 they hay physical education but at the age of 15 they got marry and raised the kids.

When Athenian children were being trained for life, Spartan children were being trained for battle. Athens and Sparta were very different, especially in their views of politics, military, and culture.

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These two city-states had very different opinions of their military. They were both very powerful and extremely feared. Many Greek cities dreaded facing the Athenian navy where Sparta frightened these city-states on land.

The lives of Spartans revolved around military. At age seven, each and every Spartan boy would be required to start his training at the agoge to become an elite fighter. The education given was meant to create Spartans into soldiers. Not only were the Spartans raised to be military-minded, but they were also expected to be a disciplined soldier. The strict rules of the government made it so that every Spartan was to be physically fit and always ready for battle. Once of age and rank, a Spartan warrior would be invited to a mess, this would house a Spartan for the rest of his life. Without belonging to a mess, a Spartan would be nothing.

Spartans thrived for battle and this is why they continuously won each battle they entered. The Spartan soldiers remained very close with each other considering most of them are related. They fight in a phalanx formation, which is almost impeccable. Before being defeated at the battle of Epiminondas against Thebes, the Spartan army was triumphant in over continuous battles. The Athenians continually added new ships, making it almost impossible for other armies to defeat.

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