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Puns in the Importance of Being Ernest

The contrast between sarcasm and experience is the subject of great fun in The Importance of Being Earnest. In the play, the conflict plays out between the men's romantic intentions and the women's flirtatious reception of those intentions Wilde, Worthing himself, is stigmatized only for his problematic provenance, even if he is otherwise socially acceptable.

Logic is overturned time and again for the sake of expediency, and insincerity is the standard behavior. Like all comedies of this sort, the relationships are intentionally crossed.

Importance Of Being Earnest Essay

When Jack and Algy are exposed as frauds, the victims voice the apology for the conspirator. While the women's flighty and insubstantial morals prove humorous in context, it does not reflect any relationship with reality Wilde, The dominant characteristic of Wilde's verbal wit is its carnival inversion. That is to say, in the carnival of the Middle Ages as Oscar Wilde shows us social status, propriety and order were reversed by being actually acted out, masters waiting on servants etc.

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Obviously the humor derives from the diametric reversal applied by a member of the upper class from which came, or were supposed to come, examples of social decorum. Critics Of The Importance Hyde with the help of potion to fulfill his vicious propensities in his form, and then again by the power of potions turned into Dr.

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Hyde may be called mirror-world because it reflects the reality on this side of the mirror. It seems that many contemporaries of Stevenson, including Oscar Wilde, intuitively felt this truth, if not understood it up to the end and to all its extend. In sight there are the loud titles and high society etiquette, elegant manners, shiny jewels, the sharpness of mind, and novelty. Women and men of high society with a mysterious past, hidden defects, the exposure of which threatens with the loss of social status, secular flirtations, alleged infidelity, gallant courting of noble young men to noble young ladies — Wilde managed to put an interesting content in this framework of comedy-intrigue.

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