Research papers on analog integrated circuits

He authored and co-authored 8 book chapters, 4 patents and more than scientific publications and presentations. He has served, a. More information on Prof.

Introduction to Integrated Circuits (IC) Technology

The 21st century will be the century in which we will unravel the intricacies of the brain and the rest of our nervous system and in which we will learn how to interact with our electrochemical mainframe better by means of electricity, light or ultrasound. Tiny electronic devices will give us back lost senses, lost control, bypass lesions and treat an unprecedented range of brain disorders, thereby bringing back quality of life to the deaf, the blind, the paralyzed and the mentally disturbed.

We will discuss their constraints on size, their energy challenge, their adherence to the body and their security aspects.

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We will also discuss how to make them truly personalized, so that they gracefully adapt to your therapeutic needs and you truly will feel better. Kenichi Okada received the B.

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He has authored or co-authored more than journal and conference papers. The wireless communication is one of the key technologies for realizing the future smart society. The conventional omni-directional wireless communication using microwave has been studied so far, and now the directional wireless communication using millimeter-wave GHz is opening a new technology field of communication.

Analog Design Issues for Mixed-Signal CMOS Integrated Circuits

The directional wireless communication using the millimeter-wave spectrum can accept spatial co-existence and multiplexing as well as use of wide frequency bandwidth. The talk concludes with a discussion on future directions of millimeter-wave wireless communication, based on Shannon and Friis equations. Associate Professor Dr.

His research area is instrumentations, robotics, and artificial intelligence in manufacturing process. He is now the dean of college of advanced manufacturing innovation AMI. He also published more than 20 international journals ISI and more than 50 international conference proceeding.

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The latest research interest is the application of deep learning techniques in real world manufacturing process. With the rapid advance of artificial intelligent technology, deep learning technology is one of the potential technique that have been widely used in various fields including the applications in manufacturing process such as object detection and classification.

However, the most challenging problem of using deep learning techniques in the real manufacturing process is the requirement of a high computational and storage complexity computer to accommodate the relatively large model size with the normal size of million model parameters or more. Material Sciences and Engineering.

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Integrated Circuits and Systems Laboratory

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